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Chennai's Leading
Multimedia Training Academy
with Assured Placements*

Chennai's Leading
Multimedia Training Academy
With Assured Placements*


Name: Ramjan Bee
Role: Center Manager

“Has an excellent knowledge about the multimedia industry and its career options. Utilizes her knowledge in guiding young minds towards achieving their dreams. One of the best Career Consultant you can see in this industry. Co-ordinates with the HR of various companies in recruiting our students. Takes care of the day to day activities and manages the centre elegantly.”

Handles: Career Consulting,Centre Activities & Student Placements.


Name: Dinesh Paneer Das
Role: Academic Head

“With knowledge on every aspect of academics handled in the centre, he is the right person for being the Academic Head. With 100s of websites developed to his credit, he is a master in Web Technologies, you name it and he has an answer to it.”

Handles: Web Design & Web Development sessions


Role: Technical Trainer

“He is a Master in Arts, one of the most favorite trainers of our students. Very vibrant & an energetic person. Gives hands on experience in Clay modeling / Drawing / Sketching / etc. to our students.”

Handles:2D & 3D animation & Audio & Video editing sessions


Name:Mohandoss Gandhi
Role: Technical Trainer

“Another favorite trainer in our centre. Has experience and in-depth knowledge in Printing and Publishing media, has mastered the architectural designs too. Very active in extra-curricular activities and is in-charge of organizing all our events / seminars / workshops / trips and tours, etc.”

Handles:Graphic Design / 3D / Film Editing sessions


Name: Vincent Ashok
Role: Technical Trainer

“With a Passion in Visual Effects and with an experience in working for international movies, he trains our students in all the technical areas required, right from handling green screen shoots, and then converting those shots into a fantastic visuals. He guides our students towards a great career in VFX.”

Handles: Visual Effects sessions.


Name: Manjula
Role: Career Consultant

“Understands the pulse of the students and delivers accordingly. Is very good in communication and takes responsibilities.”

Handles: Career Consulting